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Peter Fever – Blue jeans and underwear

This update doesn’t feature everyone’s favorite model Peter Fever but instead he got another one of his friends to pose in this sizzling hot gallery. His name is Yang and he isn’t afraid to show off his goods. So enjoy the muscular dude take of his denim jeans and show off his tight ass in front of the cameras. Until next time take the time to see this sexy and hot Asian stud as he shows off his amazing body for the cameras and you guys today. So let’s get started and see him in action.


As you know, the sexy and horny Peter, knows exactly how to work his body for your enjoyment, and today he does it once more. Let’s take the time and see him taking off his jeans to reveal his nice and sexy underwear with a nice and big hole in the back showing off his nice and cute ass. We know you’ll love it and we’ll see you again soon once more with more fresh and hot content. Until then see this stud showing off his superb body for you! Bye bye everyone and see you soon!

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Ball handling guys

In this update Peter Fever and his best friend return, and they do so in force. The two muscular men tried out some underpants with the back side cut out, and they got really into it. So watch the two studs play around with the ball as they show off their amazingly shredded bodies. We hope to se you again soon with another update, but do make sure that you don’t skip over any of the images in this particular one if you’d like to see how peter and his friend like to practice their sports as well only here in this scene today.

Well one thing’s fore sure, and that’s that they can put on the wildest and sexiest show for you guys to see. Which they did. Like we said, you get to watch them wearing their kinky underwear only as they play around with the leather ball, and you can see them in all kinds of superb and sexy poses while they do so. So have fun with their strip and fun session today, and do take your time to enjoy the past scenes that Peter has to show off. We’ll be waiting for you right here next week with more amazing and sexy updates!


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Peter Fever – Wrestling with Jeffierce

In today’s update Peter Fever has a special gallery for you. He and his best friend Jeffierce went and dressed up in some wresting gear that doesn’t leave to much for the imagination. See the two horny and sizzling hot  muscular studs play around with each others hot bodies in this very awesome gallery update. Until next time, enjoy and check back soon. This is quite the nice co-op update with Peter and his buddy, and you can see it only here of course. Let’s not waste time and see the studs playing around with each other today shall we?


It was getting rather dull for Peter to be solo all the time, so this week he decided to bring in some help. Like we said, the name of the other guy is Jeff and he’s just as kinky and wild as Peter, so you know that the two will put on a great show for everyone to see either way. Take the time to watch them closely as they wrestle each other and then you can see them touching and massaging each other’s naked bodies too after they take off the tight and sexy spandex outfits today. We hope you’ll have fun with it and we’ll see you next time!

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Peter takes off his red boxers

In today’s update Peter Fever takes a step into a retro look for his photo shoot. He wanted to try out the hipster look at first but he decided taht a shoot with a retro/vintage feel would be more appropriate. So enjoy Peter put on some glasses, take off his clothes and present you with his chiseled body and big cock. Enjoy this guy’s second hot and sexy scene with his lovely red underwear, and have fun seeing him posing for you some more just as always for today’s amazing scene. We know you are eager to watch him in action too.

After the last update where he got to wear them got a great response, this hunk was ready for some more and you get front row seats to the show as always. Take the time to sit back and enjoy as he exposes his muscled body once more today, and see him massaging and caressing his body for you. Of course like we said, you get to see him taking off the said red underwear too, and you can see him stroking his fat cock for you once more. Enjoy the scene as usual, and do drop by next week for some more of his fresh galleries guys!


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Peter Fever – Unshaved uncut

In today’s Peter Fever update, another new guy makes an appearance for a fresh new gallery. And his debut is strong as he told us he’s confident enough to do a nude shoot. And you bet he was really lax with the whole thing, just watch him relaxing his body and cock on a chair for the cam. He’s a true natural. In this fresh new scene of Peter’s you can see him enjoying his time as he gets to have some alone time and relax all nude in his living room. Well you know what he likes to do so let’s just get to the point and see him in action.


He loves his sexy body as well, and you know by now that he just adores showing it off as much as he can. For this afternoon her was feeling more kinky and naughty than usual, and so he was all set to play some more for you guys. Watch him caressing his whole sexy and how body along with his nice and big cock, and then see him laying on his back with his legs spread wide open as he wants to give you a good long look of his cock this fine day today. We hope you enjoyed your stay and we will return next week with more amazing updates!

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Naked in the bathroom

Today Peter Fever was alone in the bathroom and you know how he is. He just can’t resist the temptation to play with his body whenever he has a chance. So just watch him take a hot shower and see him get excited as he begins to eventually play with his cock. We hope you enjoy his gallery as much as we enjoyed shooting it. He decided that it was time for him to have some more fun in the bathroom this time, and he went for it. And you guys will most surely love his scene today as he brings you some more of his classy nude act today!

His body is always ready to be showed off if he has willing viewers and well he just adores the feeling he gets when he’s naked and exposes his body. Watch him closely as he takes a hot and long shower, massaging his whole sexy body today, and then see him stepping out and drying himself off with the towel. Well he was still horny, so he had to play with his horny cock too, jerking off until he blew a load all over himself. It looks like he’s going to need to take another one now, but he still had his fun. Have fun with it everyone and enjoy!


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Peter Fever – Hot strip show

In this update Peter Fever decides it’s time to show off his body to the world in yet another strip tease gallery. And what a tease it is. Just watch him take off his clothes slowly and entice you with glimpses to that hot body of his. It’s really hard to resist him, and you’ll see why. So just enjoy this hot stud, and see you next time. Again it’s one scene from his past when he was starting out, but you guys seem to love seeing this hunk of a man even in his scenes from back then. So here’s another one for you to enjoy today.


As this fresh week swung by we couldn’t pass up the chance to bring you this fine guy and his scene once more as you guys just adored the last one. In this scene he was wearing a cute colorful underwear and his white shirt. And taking off the shirt first he presents you with his muscled body that you will surely enjoy today. As always he whips out his cock too, so make sure that you watch this scene to the end too to see it okay? Have fun with the scene and do stay tuned for more from this sexy stud soon as well!

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Sexy red briefs

For today’s Peter Fever update, the man himself brings you a gallery of his first ventures in the world on nude and semi nude modeling. As you’ll see he wasn’t really bulky back then but as you know his rigorous training earned him a very nice body, so if you were curious about this hot guy’s origins you can see it now. Well it’s quite amazing to see some of his very early photo shoots when he was starting out. You can see that he still looked pretty hot and rest assured that that dirty mind has stayed constant ever since then.

Anyway, in this little scene with Peter, you get to see him posing around in his sexy and hot red underwear as he poses for the cameras and shows off his body. He knew how to work his body even back then, you you can be sure that you’re still in for that quality Peter touch. Just like in most of his scenes, he ends up whipping out his nice and hard cock, and you can sit back and watch him as he gets around to stroke the meat shaft until he cums and blows his load for your enjoyment. See you next week as per usual and enjoy everybody!


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Peter Fever – On the rooftop

Hey there everyone, Peter Fever is back again this week with more nude poses just for your enjoyment. Today he decided to show off his ass and you get to see him playing with it. So watch this hot stud go to work on his tight ass in this very awesome gallery update. We hope to see you soon, and in time for our next update. By now you know that this hot hunk has a dirty mind, and he just loves to get kinky and naughty too. Let’s not waste time today and see him posing some more in a new scene in a public place as well.


Like we said, for this one our sexy hunk headed to the roof and once there he was very eager and happy to get to have some sexy fun with his amazing body. You can watch him do his classy strip tease act as he teases you some more, and that continues until he’s all naked and ready. Watch him spreading his butt cheeks to show off his cute butt more in detail, and then see him playing with that hard and horny cock as well as he flaunts it for you as much as he can. We hope it was enjoyable, and rest assured more will come soon everyone!

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Peter posing at the wall

Peter Fever brings you today none other than Peter himself. you wondered how this dream guy would look and today you’re in for a treat. So now you can grace your eyes upon this stud’s perfectly chiseled  body as he poses around nude to show off his magnificent cock. So until our next update, we’ll leave this with you. Enjoy, and have some fun with more of this sexy stud’s scene as per always everyone. This is quite possibly the most awesome thing that this stud has made thus far, and you just need to see it without delay today everyone.

He decided to switch things up a bit and show some more of his passionate side with this scene as he wanted to pose all nude and sexy and with aroma candles all over the place. Well suffice to say, it looks quite amazing, so just look at this hot and sexy scene of his if you want to see the amazing stud in a fresh and hot gallery today. You can see him posing against the wall, and of course he also ends up jerking off as well, shooting a nice and big jizz load at the end of this amazing and sexy scene today. Have fun with it!


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