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Peter Fever – Stripping off

For today’s update Peter Fever brings you another hot Asian stud that’s about to throw his clothes off to show you his magnificent body. His name is Chen and he said he likes to work out to keep his body in shape for all his adoring fans. Anyway, this time he wanted to show you his cock too, so check this gallery out. Enjoy a fresh and sexy scene with the stud as he has some more stuff to show off to you guys. As usual it’s a solo scene but it’s also as sexy and hot as always too. Take the time to enjoy it and let’s watch him in action.


The fine and sexy stud was more than happy to reveal those sexy body curves for you once more, and this time it’s in his own bedroom after a relaxing afternoon nap. You can see him at the top of his game sort of speak today as he’s all ready and eager to get kinky once more for your viewing pleasure everyone. Sit back and see him teasing you as he slowly takes off his underwear this time, and watch him eventually whipping out that nice and hard cock of his so you can enjoy it in full view as well. Have fun with it guys!

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Flexes those muscles

In today’s Peter Fever update we have another horny guy just itching to show off his nude ripped body. And to answer to that need of his, we promptly took out the cameras not to keep him waiting. So for today you get to enjoy this hot stud’s ripped muscled body as he’s posing around and taking his clothes off. Enjoy everyone as the sexy Asian stud comes back with more fresh scenes for you guys to see and enjoy this fine week. As you can see it’s off to the outdoors again as he chose his garden to pose in this nice afternoon today.

He wanted to take a breath of fresh air this day and he saw how amazing and pleasant it was outside. So he just decided to have some fun and do some posing once more. So it’s up to him to bring you another sexy and classy scene with him stripping outdoor and showing off his amazing body for you guys today. See him taking his shirt off to flex his pecs, biceps and abs, and of course after that, you get to see him getting to expose himself lower as well as he takes his pants and underwear off to reveal his cock as well. Enjoy it!


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Peter Fever – Black and white

Today’s Peter Fever features a ripped Asian dudes that wants to put on display his hot body. He’s a professional model according to him, well he sure looks like one from the poses he struck. but he said that he always enjoys doing an occasional nude shoot, as he loves showing off his muscled body.  Enjoy the update. He always wanted to take part in a more artsy photo shoot, and this time his dream came true as he had the occasion to show off that naked muscled body in his very own black and white photo shoot today.


The sexy Asian stud Peter, knows exactly how hot he looks, but what he doesn’t realize is just how much better he looks in this format as well. You get to see the shades and lights playing all over his body as they wrap around and give some nice and hot details of his superbly hot and nude body today. We bet that you will just adore it as all his scenes, or even more than those, and you can rest easy knowing that the stud intends to do this thing more often in the future too. So let’s hope that he will be getting around to show them off here too.

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Fun in the shower

This time we caught up with the muscular hunk Peter Fever while he was taking his morning shower. And since he felt playful and horny he decided to put on a show. So we got the camera rolling and as you’ll see magic sparks started to fly. So enjoy the hot and horny peter showing off his sexy wet ass in the shower in today’s update. Kinky as always he decided for this scene to show off how he likes to enjoy his showers, and you just have to see him in action once more as he gets to play with himself for you guys to see today.

This superb and sexy shower scene is quite a sight to behold, and the stud as always, knows how to work his body to his advantage. He takes off all of his clothes save for the white tank top, and he starts to turn on the water. You get to see his shirt sticking to his hot body as the water drips all over his hot body, and you can bet that he was having the time of his life with this whole thing. Take your time to admire his superb naked body once more this fine day, and as always do come back next week for another superb and sexy show!


 Watch hot Peter showing off his sexy body in the shower!

Peter Fever – Half suit

In today’s update your favorite muscular guy Peter Fever goes for a classy look with a twist. He hated his suit so he cut it in half, and he said that this represents his unruly look on society and it’s habits. After posing sexy for a few shots he couldn’t resist the urge to start stroking his cock, and that’s just what he did. Enjoy the hot hunk and his fresh update once more as he comes back with yet another scene to show off his magnificent body on cameras for you guys today. As always he was eager to get naughty and kinky.


He thought that this suit would look better with some trimmings. And as you can observe he kind of went wild with it too. He basically chopped more than half of it off covering only his torso and his hands. But that’s how you guys like it anyway, as you always adore watching that amazing and sexy muscled body being revealed in all it’s glory, along with that nice and big cock that he has. Sit back and watch him masturbating as well today and enjoy seeing him moan as he does so. We will be taking our leave for now so have fun everyone!

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Peter posing naked

For some reason in today’s photo shoot Peter Fever looked hotter than ever. He said he’s been a little down lately and he was trying some sort of alternative meditation treatment, and wow, we think it might work, I mean just look at him, he’s so relaxed and confident. Best nude shoot he did thus far, so enjoy the update everyone. This stud always know how to work his body to get you guys interested and this week it was no different either. Take the time to watch him in action for today, and see him play for you once more everyone.

This guy’s couch was all lonely and sad, so he set out to make it more lively and such with his kinky posing. Well if that body doesn’t bring a smile to your face nothing will. Anyway, take the time to see him playing naughty and kinky once more for you, and see him flexing those muscles all nude for this superb scene. And once again you get a nice and long look at his mighty and big cock as well. Enjoy it, and do stay tuned for more amazing scenes from this stud next week as well. Goodbye and have fun everyone!


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Naked on the hallway

In this update Peter Fever is up to more mischievous stuff. HE really felt naughty for this one and wanted to do a nude shoot in a public hallway. He said that the idea of getting caught made him really horny and he just wanted to do this. So just watch and enjoy Peter showing off his hot body and big cock in the hallway. Enjoy the scene as your favorite Asian stud takes to doing some more naughty scenes for you to enjoy. You got to see him posing outdoors in a public place once, and today he’s indoors but the same predicament.


As another fresh week started we just had to bring you this new and fresh update with Peter. He was even kinkier than usual this time, and he was ready to have some naughty fun for the cameras and you. Take your time to sit back and watch him strip out of his clothes on the hallway today, and then see him posing around for you as naughty and sensually as always, and all naked too. Have fun seeing him flexing his muscles, and we do mean “all” of his muscles, and enjoy this update guys and gals. We’ll be seeing you next week!

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Peter Fever – Beach runner

Lately every time that we get to capture Peter Fever on camera, he always seems to be up to some kind of new and intriguing shooting location. Today he went to a beach and even though the weather wasn’t really sunny he still went ahead and stripped. So watch him pose his perfect naked body at the beach for this awesome update! Well it was a pretty hot day, so he decided to take advantage of it without delay today. And as usual he was quite naughty and kinky about it as well, so let’s see him in action without delays today.

The thing is that you already know that Peter likes to be kinky about what he does, so this time, he had just the shorts on. Of course he enjoyed the attention as he went on his little jogging session as people would stare at his muscled body, and that just made him more and more horny. When he arrived at a more secluded part of the beach, the guy was all ready with his hands in his pants and whipped out his cock to start stroking it too. Have fun with this fresh naughty and sexy scene of Peter’s and see you soon with much more of him!


 Enjoy watching hot Peter getting naked on the beach!

Peter Fever Naked on the stairs

Today your favorite muscular dude, Peter Fever takes to the outdoors for his special photo shoot. And you get to enjoy his naked body in all it’s splendor as the gentle afternoon sun caresses his body. So don’t wait around any longer, have fun watching peter show of his monster cock outside. Until next time, enjoy. This guy is back again with some more images for you to see, and as per usual they’re quite hot and sexy too. So let’s not delay as we bet that you must be really eager to see him naughty and kinky again in his shoot for the day.


As you can see, in this update, Peter decided to go outdoors of his apartment and do the shoot there. But the trick is that he was already all naked and horny. So just take your time to see him posing nude in a public spot for today. He was really happy to get to show off that thick and eager cock of his as always, and his nice and round butt as well as he posed around. And to boot you also get to see him stroking his shaft nice and hard as well just for you. So enjoy this fresh scene of his, and make sure to drop by next week for some more amazing scenes!

 Watch horny Peter showing off his big cock outdoors!

Hot studio shots

This week Peter Fever is back to his old habit of wearing tight jeans just to tease everyone and take them off eventually. So for this update you get to see horny Peter take off his tight jeans and start a nice strip tease show in front of the cameras. So enjoy his big muscles and cock as he shows off his goods. Until next time do take your time to see Peter and his muscled body in one more amazing update that he has prepared for you to see today. We know that you are eager to see him play too, so let’s not delay and see the stud play shall we?

It was a studio shoot this time, and his body was ready to be captured on film from every angle today. And you can bet your ass that this is one hot and sexy scene with him. Sit back and enjoy seeing this stud posing in some kinky poses for you as he undresses, and enjoy his simply amazing strip tease show today. We bet that you will adore watching that cute and round butt in action once more as well as his fine and hard cock too. Have fun with it and do drop by next week for some more amazing and hot scenes with him soon!


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