Beach Runner

Lately every time that we get to capture Peter Fever on camera, he always seems to be up to some kind of new and intriguing shooting location. Today he went to a beach and even though the weather wasn’t really sunny he still went ahead and stripped. So watch him pose his perfect naked body at the beach for this awesome update! Well it was a pretty hot day, so he decided to take advantage of it without delay today. And as usual he was quite naughty and kinky about it as well, so let’s see him in action without delays today.

The thing is that you already know that Peter likes to be kinky about what he does, so this time, he had just the shorts on. Of course he enjoyed the attention as he went on his little jogging session as people would stare at his muscled body, and that just made him more and more horny. When he arrived at a more secluded part of the beach, the guy was all ready with his hands in his pants and whipped out his cock to start stroking it too. Have fun with this fresh naughty and sexy scene of Peter’s and see you soon with much more of him!

 Enjoy watching hot Peter getting naked on the beach!