Stripping Behind The Curtain

In today’s awesome update Peter Fever has another guest starring in his place for the gallery. His name is Jerry and even though not as chiseled as Peter he still has a certain something that made him just perfect for this. So enjoy yet another fresh face , as he takes of his clothes to show his tight ass and hot body for the camera. Anyway, let’s get his show on the road and see Jerry in action as he gets to take off his nice clothes and show off his body to you guys in this afternoon.

Jerry is Peter’s main man when he is on the leave and he can count on Jerry to always pun on an amazing show for everyone to see in his absence. So let’s take the time to see him in action as he reveals his muscles and see him posing around for you sensually and sexually just like Peter. We know that you will love him and rest assured that we will have him around again soon for some more action. Meanwhile enjoy his superb scene and see you guys soon with more amazing and hot stuff!

Enjoy watching as hot Peter takes off his clothes!