Wrestling With Jeffierce

In today’s update Peter Fever has a special gallery for you. He and his best friend Jeffierce went and dressed up in some wresting gear that doesn’t leave to much for the imagination. See the two horny and sizzling hot  muscular studs play around with each others hot bodies in this very awesome gallery update. Until next time, enjoy and check back soon. This is quite the nice co-op update with Peter and his buddy, and you can see it only here of course. Let’s not waste time and see the studs playing around with each other today shall we?

It was getting rather dull for Peter to be solo all the time, so this week he decided to bring in some help. Like we said, the name of the other guy is Jeff and he’s just as kinky and wild as Peter, so you know that the two will put on a great show for everyone to see either way. Take the time to watch them closely as they wrestle each other and then you can see them touching and massaging each other’s naked bodies too after they take off the tight and sexy spandex outfits today. We hope you’ll have fun with it and we’ll see you next time!

Click here and watch them playing with each other!