Cleaning Crew

Peter Fever has the entire cleaning crew at his place and from all those guys he found the perfect one to fuck. While the rest of them were busy cleaning the place, one of them was busy sucking off Peter’s dick. The poor guy would’ve done anything Peter asked, that how into him he was. Peter on the other hand found his new fuck toy for the day. You guys can check out more guys fucking their asses at in some really intense gay sex scenes. But we are not done with the cleaning crew and this guy’s day has just started so stay close. Peter was in his bedroom while the guys took care of the rest of the house, but when he went in the kitchen to take something he saw this cute guy checking him out, so he took him in his bedroom the clean up in there too.

Once the door closed Peter untied his towel and he was butt naked, now there is only thing to do. The cleaning guy started sucking off his dick bt not before Peter undressed him to see with what he’s working today. The guy looks great and Peter isn’t going to forget his sloppy blowjob too soon, but now it was his turn to do his magic. You weren’t actuallyh expecting Peter to let his go without fucking his ass right? See it all in the gallery below and stay tuned for more!

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