Sexy Red Briefs

For today’s Peter Fever update, the man himself brings you a gallery of his first ventures in the world on nude and semi nude modeling. As you’ll see he wasn’t really bulky back then but as you know his rigorous training earned him a very nice body, so if you were curious about this hot guy’s origins you can see it now. Well it’s quite amazing to see some of his very early photo shoots when he was starting out. You can see that he still looked pretty hot and rest assured that that dirty mind has stayed constant ever since then.

Anyway, in this little scene with Peter, you get to see him posing around in his sexy and hot red underwear as he poses for the cameras and shows off his body. He knew how to work his body even back then, you you can be sure that you’re still in for that quality Peter touch. Just like in most of his scenes, he ends up whipping out his nice and hard cock, and you can sit back and watch him as he gets around to stroke the meat shaft until he cums and blows his load for your enjoyment. See you next week as per usual and enjoy everybody!

 Watch as Peter takes off his briefs and strokes his cock!