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Cleaning Crew

Peter Fever has the entire cleaning crew at his place and from all those guys he found the perfect one to fuck. While the rest of them were busy cleaning the place, one of them was busy sucking off Peter's dick. The poor guy would've done anything Peter asked, that how into him he was. Peter on the other hand found his new fuck toy for the day. You guys can check out more guys fucking their asses at in some really intense gay sex scenes. But we are not done with the cleaning crew and this guy's day has just started so stay close. Peter was in his bedroom while the guys took care of the rest of the house, but when he went in the kitchen to take something he saw this cute guy checking him out, so he took him in his bedroom the clean up in there too.

Once the door closed Peter untied his towel and he was butt naked, now there is only thing to do. The cleaning guy started sucking off his dick bt not before Peter undressed him to see with what he's working today. The guy looks great and Peter isn't going to forget his sloppy blowjob too soon, but now it was his turn to do his magic. You weren't actuallyh expecting Peter to let his go without fucking his ass right? See it all in the gallery below and stay tuned for more!

Cleaning Crew

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Peter Fever Jack Off

Enjoy watching this next Peter Fever jack off scene. On a lazy Sunday he takes his iPad to check out the hot guys from and he remembered all the moments while making videos with them. No need to say that he got a huge boner and he had to jack off several times while thinking of his hot gay friends. He just loves to sit around and chat with them, but he always ends up getting all horny and eager to play. So let's see more to the point what he did here today for his buddies.

You see, he always ends up just turning on the cam of the device and getting around to put on a superb sex show for everyone to see as he starts to play with his nice and big cock. Take the time to see him taking off his white shirt and yellow underwear, and watch him putting on a self pleasing show for this buddies on the other side of the screen. You can see him jerking off fast and hard and everyone had a good time with this thing. Have fun and see you guys soon as always!

peter feeling horny on a lazy sunday

peter jacking off

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Peter Fever - The farm boy

Today Peter Fever takes to the country side. He's always wanted to do some nude poses while at a farm and this just seemed like the perfect opportunity to do just that. So for this one , have fun watching Peter show off his very muscular body and huge cock for the camera in this sweet update. Until next time, we hope you enjoy this new look at the stud's sexy body and how proud he is of his nice and big dick. So let's get this show of his on the road to see him in action shall we?


Like always, you know that this stud can work his body in great ways, and you can bet that he was going to take his time and enjoy it. It was also around sundown and he was just too in the mood to show off his cock to just pass up this opportunity. So watch him undress, and see him whipping out that nice and big meat pole, and see him flaunting it around just for your enjoyment today once more. He hopes that you have fun with his lovely scene and he'll see you again next week with more as usual!

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Peter showing off his ass

In this update Peter Fever is alone again, and you know what that means. Yes, you guessed it, he's gotten another rather naughty mood to show off his body. So watch him take off his underwear and see this hot muscular stud play around with that tight ass of his. You can be sure that he enjoyed every moment of it. Anyway let's get started and see this cute stud in action once more as he gets to show off his body for you guys today okay? We know you are eager to see him again too.

The cameras start to roll, and as you will see, this time we take a trip into Peter's bedroom as he gets to pose there. Take the time to sit back and watch him as he starts to undress, and takes off everything save for his underpants. Have fun watching him slowly teasing you as he takes off his underwear, and have fun with him showing off his cute and sexy ass for you today too. As always we have to take our leave, but you can expect to see more of this horny stud soon as well. Bye bye guys!


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Pater Fever - Bella Vista

For this one Peter Fever is taking to his enormous back yard to pose. And the afternoon sun caressing his muscular hot body just adds to the mood. Seems our dear Peter has fallen again in his routine of flexing his big muscles while taking off his clothes. So without further due, just enjoy this hot stud posing in the garden only wearing his sexy white underwear, and see him being all proud about his superb body as well. Let's get his show on the road and see him in action shall we?


It was a hot afternoon, but it wasn't nearly as hot as this stud and his muscled body as you can see. And he was going to prove it by flexing his muscles outdoors only in his underwear. But he got kind of horny after posing around and such, and so he decided to play with himself too. Just take the time to see him as he reveals his nice round ass and big cock as well for you guys in his scene today. We hope that you will enjoy it!

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Peter posing naked

Today Peter Fever is back with another anthology gallery you could say. He's brought you some of his earlier work at nude modeling from earlier in his career. And you'll see that for this one he was actually staring to open up more and more, and be comfortable with being naked in front of a camera. So have fun, and enjoy as you get to see some fresh and hot updates with the one and only hunk Peter as he gets to have some fun once more in front of the cameras for the afternoon. We bet that you will just adore this one so let's just get started and watch him in action for his update.

Like we said, it's a gallery consisting of pictures from earlier in his career and as you can clearly see, even back then this hot and sexy stud had a gift for posing around and showing off his sexy body. Watch him taking his time to show off that superb ripped body of his, and see him as he also gets around to have some fun with that nice and big cock, and watch him stroking it nice and fast as he moans in pleasure. See you soon everyone and enjoy the scene!


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Peter Fever - Underwear off

For today's Peter Fever update on the gallery, Peter goes nude in his living room to show that any space can be used to strike sexy and enticing poses. So for this one he mainly just shoes off his tight ass, but we all know that that's why you're here anyway, so without further due, check our his sizzling hot gallery. Enjoy another update from the sexy and hot Peter as he flaunts his sexy and hot body around for the cameras and you guys in this nice and fresh update once more. So let's get started.


As another fresh week started off, the sexy and horny stud wanted to get naughty and kinky again for you and he was very eager to have another nude photo shoot. So just stand back and watch the horny and sexy hunk as he gets to undress for you and show off his body once more. You also get to see his cute and round butt as he proudly displays it this fine afternoon just for your enjoyment everyone. Have fun with his recent gallery update and see you guys next week with some more stuff!

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Stripping behind the curtain

In today's awesome update Peter Fever has another guest starring in his place for the gallery. His name is Jerry and even though not as chiseled as Peter he still has a certain something that made him just perfect for this. So enjoy yet another fresh face , as he takes of his clothes to show his tight ass and hot body for the camera. Anyway, let's get his show on the road and see Jerry in action as he gets to take off his nice clothes and show off his body to you guys in this afternoon.

Jerry is Peter's main man when he is on the leave and he can count on Jerry to always pun on an amazing show for everyone to see in his absence. So let's take the time to see him in action as he reveals his muscles and see him posing around for you sensually and sexually just like Peter. We know that you will love him and rest assured that we will have him around again soon for some more action. Meanwhile enjoy his superb scene and see you guys soon with more amazing and hot stuff!


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Peter Fever - Sexy muscles

For today Peter Fever has another sexy and hot shoot that he did just for you, his adoring fans. In this one he wears a very tight pair of jeans, and his huge cock just begs for release from it's tight constraint. So enjoy your favorite hunk take his humongous cock out to breathe as he poses in all kinds of sexy positions. Well anyway, this fine afternoon you get to see more of your favorite hunk as he gets to be wild and naughty outdoors just for your enjoyment once more.


He was all horny and eager once more and he wasn't going to waste time around. He straight off took to playing with his nice body and you would get to enjoy seeing him in action today too. Watch him take off his shirt to show off his superb muscles, and then see him taking off his jeans as he whips out his nice and big cock as well all ready to have some fun. Enjoy seeing him exposing his mighty cock and sexy body and have fun with the scene today everyone!

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The hot pool guy

Today was a very hot day and since he had nothing better to do, Peter Fever went to the pool to chill out in the cold water. Luckily we caught up with him, and he felt in the mood to pose too. So for this one you have your favorite stud pose around at the pool in the very small underwear. He does get naked too so don't fret. Enjoy this sexy stud's rippling muscles today as he gets to show off his superb body just for the cameras and you guys today. So let's get started and see him in action.

As the cameras start to roll, the sexy and hot stud Peter comes into the picture wearing just his sexy little slip underwear and he was ready to show off for you guys. Take the time to see him in action as he gets to pose around sexy and sensually for you, and see him exposing that incredible body for the cameras too today. We hope that you will enjoy it and we will be seeing you soon with some more fresh and hot content as always everybody. Goodbye and see you next week!


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